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Distribute Materials

Distribute Materials

Creates the visual data for material randomization of an object group


  1. MaterialName: Name of the material to be randomized (string)
  2. MaterialCounts: How many materials are there on each object in a group (int[])
  3. SwapMaterialPaths: paths of the swapping materials (strin[])
  4. ObjectAppearances: appearance information of objects. Objects will be listed in an array with their alphabetical order index numbers. Array’s outermost nest is aligned with frame numbers, innermost is aligned with in frame appearance order (int[][])
  5. Distribution (optional): Distribution probabilities between ranges (Curve). If not connected uniform distribution assumed.
  6. SeperateInstances (optional): if an object has MaterialName more than once in its material list, SeperateInstances will assign different randomizing material for each of them, if true, same material if false. If not connected, true (bool)


  1. Out: Material randomization information (ObjectVisualData[])


Distribute Materials node example